Microblading Aftercare

Aftercare for Micro Pigmentation

Thank you for choosing Lianne@Serenity for your semi
permanent makeup treatment, below is a list of what will happen over
the next 3-6 weeks following your first treatment.
You must come back for your touch up from week 6 to 8 as not doing
so may affect your end result and incur further charges. For clients
whom need more than 2 treatments these are charge at £65 per
session. Future top ups are due every 6 months. If you do not have a
top up by month 6 your body will break down the pigment so you will
then need two sessions 6 weeks apart costing £120 instead of 1 session.
Day 1-3
From day 1-3 it will feel very dark in colour so yourself and the people
around you may not feel comfortable with it, as the days pass the
colour of your permanent makeup will lighten by 50% and settle down.
It is very important that you do not get the area wet for 10 days as this
will pull out the pigment implanted.
Day 3-5
From day 3-5 the spm will try to heal and it is extremely important
that you let it dry out, you may also notice that pigment falls out in
patches, the main area for flaking is the front of the brows. Please do
not pick as this will pull out pigment.
For eyebrow treatments with powder brows you will lose the most
colour due to the amount of pigment implanted, do not worry if the
pigment flakes away, we will re-implant this on your retouch. For hair
stroke brows you will lose less colour then a powder brow but may also
experience loss of pigment, again do not panic because this is normal
and use your brow pencil from day 10 until your re-touch.
Day 7-10. (Vacation Period) ☝ !!!!!!!!!! (Important please read)
This is the worst time during the healing period as all the scabs will
have fallen off and the pigment will have disappeared to layer 3 in
your skin.

During this time the pigment has taken a little vacation for 3or 4 weeks but will return from its vacation by week 5 or 6 latest.

Ifyour pigment doesn’t go on vacation and you lose no colour you’re very
lucky and don’t think this is a bad sign, it means your skin can hold the
colour well and didn’t move layers during healing. If you lose all
pigment completely by week 6 your skin type may not be suitable for
spm and may have rejected the pigment. 40% stroke retention is
normal on 1st session.
Day 15-20
If you have chosen the powder/Ombre brows you may feel that it has
healed odd/uneven, this is normal do not worry and use a pencil from
day 10 to even them out until re-touch. On your re-touch we will
measure your brows and make them symmetrical again, once you’re
happy with the final shape/colour and thickness we can start your 2 nd
treatment, If you are unsure we may refuse the 2nd treatment or delay
until your sure what you wanting is realistic and can be achieved.
In some cases a third or fourth touch up may be required and this is
not included in the price, if a third or fourth treatment is needed due
to stubborn patches these are charged at £65.00 each (Max 4 attempts)
6 month touch-ups are required for SPMU please do not let them fade
out completely or you could end up paying the full fee again instead of
a colour boost charged currently at £65 but may increase. Precision
Beauty operates a no refund policy due to the time and cost of doing a
spm treatment, please if you are worried about anything contact me
and I will do my best to rectify the problem on you re-touch.
Day 20+
The pigment will now be making its way up from the 3rd layer of the
skin back to the 1st layer and will find its place just under the surface
of the skin, at week six your true colour will be showing and you will
know if you need to go darker or thicker on your retouch. You may also
notice that some pigment that disappeared in the first week of healing
returns to the skin by week 6 this is very common so again don’t panic
during this stage.


Do Not:
• Use sun beds after your treatment without covering

• Put makeup on the area for 14 days

• Use any face cream on the spm for 14 days

• Use face scrubs near area

• Let the spm get wet for 10 days

• Use pencil on the area for 14 days

• Have chemical peels for 2 weeks

• Have Botox for two weeks before or after your treatment

• Go swimming/use steam rooms/saunas or do any activity that
causes sweating for 2 weeks after your treatment.

• Go in the sun without sun block as this can turn the pigment
blue/purple/orange tones. (This rule applies always).