At “kerry wright aesthetics” we focus on our clients. Procedures are not rushed and the clients’ welfare is of utmost importance.‘ Aftercare’ is our mantra and we will check in with every client 4 hours after treatment, then consistently until their 2 week re-visit for any top up or tweaks. We focus on NOT overbooking and seeing only a few clients per day in order to fully focus on that individual and not rush them out the door.

A bit about Kerry:

Kerry has spent 20 years as a European and international business woman where appearance is not just important; it is critical. She has networked with thousands of men and women, helping them to build and run successful businesses; she is an advocate and member of multiple womens’ rights groups and forums. As an established public speaker, Kerry has had experience of presenting to audiences of hundreds, in person, and in front of the camera for the media – she knows 1st hand what it takes to strike that perfect balance between looking your best and not ‘over the top’.

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