Enjoy more relaxation and less discomfort while looking after your baby’s health with a tailored pregnancy massage treatment.

Your body is changed and stressed in many ways during pregnancy. Your mind is also facing challenging times due to new body image, expectations and the new challenge of parenting. Massage gives special attention to you, and also nurtures your baby’s development.

My pregnancy massage treatments are specifically designed for mums-to-be to guide you through the months ahead with less discomfort, a better sense of wellbeing and a healthier pregnancy.

You and your baby are in safe hands

Abdominal Massage During Pregnancy

Abdominal massage is unfortunately often neglected. However it is non-invasive and very enjoyable for you and your baby. Massaging this area may greatly decrease discomfort on the lower ribs and it releases pressure on the diaphragm, easing discomfort from heartburn and helping you breathe more easily. It also helps with strengthening the abdominal muscles and with fluid flow in this delicate area. Tummy massage is a lovely time for you to bond with your baby while you both relax.

Pregnancy  Massage Pricing 

£40 1 hr & 15 minute

Ideal for treating muscle tension and relaxation

Please note home visits depends on Location and access to room.

To Book an pregnancy massage, please select a time and date, and we will be in touch to confirm.

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